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Music Makers 101 Results


Total engagement

1.3 M



New website visitors



#MusicMakers101 Campaign

We were able to start and launch the campaign within a 2 week frame and the new audience had a 33% user retention than their paid ads users.

Music Maker’s Mission

Music Makers 101 is a streaming platform that was looking to increase their user base and build awareness of their donate support feature for artists on the platform.

Platforms Used

yt logo

The Challenge

MM101 had tried paid ads but did not have a success so looking at an organic approach was a challenge.

The Creatives


Our Solution

We decided to showcase their support of artists through a 1 influencer post series campaign sponsored by Music Makers 101. The campaign involved popular Tik Tok, Ace King as he was developing into a musician. The campaign consisted of Ace documenting his steps of learning how to be a musician and releasing his first official song on the Music Maker platform exclusively for the first 2 weeks and resulted in 10,000 new website visitors for MM101 which was a massive success for the new platform.

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