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We are the digital bridge between Africa and the rest of the world. Bring your brand’s goals to life with our influencer marketing connections.
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Africa Marketing Services

We’re committed to growing Africa-Based companies. There are specific challenges that you’re facing, we’re here to be your guiding light.

Data-Driven Influencer Marketing

As the market in Africa quickly changes and develops we can help you get in front of your customers with influencer marketing and consumer generated content via TikTok and Instagram, driving traffic to your brand’s site, WhatsApp and other social platforms.

Massive African Influencer Network

No other company has such a strong focus on the developing talent in Africa on TikTok and Instagram. We can connect you with the right influencers for your African campaigns.

Global Market Penetration

We guide brands looking to penetrate the markets from Africa into North America vice versa. Our primary is in focus on South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya.

How to work with us.

Our marketing process is designed to fit your goals and move towards them aggressively.

1.) Map Campaign Objective

We will dive into your goals and form a campaign objective. Sosani handles a whole host of conversion objectives.

2.) Source Talent via our Influencer Network

We source, and execute Tik Tok and Instagram campaigns using our Sosani Connect software to manage our creator network.

3.) Approve All Content

Next we will develop content alongside our influencers and get your approval for using it as marketing material.

4.) Launch Campaign

We ensure influencers upload on time, use all links and call to actions required by your brand’s objective, and make tweaks and improvements as it goes on.

5.) Tracking Results

Get cutting edge reporting along the way to view your return on investment, increase in order values, customer retention and more.


Trail-blazing a new standard for influencer marketing in Africa.

Africa’s emerging market has been overlooked by the rest of the world. Here’s how you can benefit from that.

  • Underpriced Media: Paid media is cheaper than ever in Africa and bids are very low. You can leverage this as an opportunity. 
  • Growing Influencer Base: There are many emerging influencers based in Africa that are excited to take their influencer career seriously and start working with brands on a pay per post basis.
  • Africa is up next: The growth in manufacturing, hospitality and consumer goods is absolutely tremendous in Africa. Now is the time to start marketing your company, while attention is high and ad costs are underpriced.

International Influencer Network

We help African influencers connect with brands looking for collobrations.  To apply, you must be located in South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, or the United States. Time to turn your passion into a career.

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Industry Leading Brands

We match brands with top influencer talent. We provide a synergistic relationship between influencers with careers and brands with goals.

Past Clients

We’ve served the finest eCommerce brands from around the world in varying niches and industries.
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